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About The Trainer - Pramodh Kumar Kamichetty

Hi, I’m Pramodh, IoT Architect by profession and an Entrepreneur at heart.
Ever since my childhood, I am very much interested in speaking and exploring new things which fetched me a lot of awards which includes the “Young Scientist Award” by the Govt of Puducherry.
I am an IoT Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. A strong business development professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Information Technology from Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management (GITAM) University, Visakhapatnam.
Apart from my profession, I have never left my passion, through ATOM Software Solutions, I helped rather, guided individuals to achieve their goals through many of our corporate training programs.

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I am happy that I have successfully completed my IoT Bootcamp with hands-on experience and training which is the necessary factor for everyone in getting industry-ready!!! I am grateful for ATOM Software Solutions and Pramodh kumar kamichetty sir for this informative and excellent Bootcamp and would always be co-operating them in any possible ways necessary in the future.

S Aneesh Bhat

It was a wonderful experience before starting the work, I was very apprehensive that I might not be able to do it. There were some setbacks in the beginning. I had some issues in the coding but later on, it was resolved. This was the first time that I was doing such work. I didn't even have the basic knowledge about coding and IoT but I really enjoyed it a lot and I am really looking forward to working on the main projects. Thank You Pramodh sir for this wonderful opportunity.

Emma Harrison

I'm very happy that I have finished all my 4 projects in the IoT Bootcamp. It makes me very curious while doing this project. I'm more excited about it. Thanks to Pramodh kumar kamichetty sir for great classes and thanks to Atom software solutions.

Shravya Shruthi

I thank ATOM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS and Pramodh Kumar kamichetty sir for giving this opportunity to learn and implement real-time projects.

Nikhitha Guttula

I had completed my projects successfully under the Guidance of ATOM Software Solutions and Pramodh kumar kamichetty sir. I am fully loaded and excited about these projects.This experience with ATOM Software Solutions had helped me a lot in my academics and My practical Learning.I am glad to work with ATOM Software Solutions to improve my skills.

Amith Sai

I am searching for the best platform of online coding courses my friend has suggested me atom IoT webinar so I enrolled in that and now I am able to do many projects on IoT and my coding skills have also increased a lot. Before joining this webinar I used to have a fear that can I do coding or any projects bt now I can do projects coding without anyone help. Thank you atom software for building up my skills.Thank you Mr. Pramod sir for the amazing mentorship.

Lohith Yeleswarapu.

I am very much thankful to Mr.PRAMODH KUMAR SIR and ATOM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS for great guidance and support. I am so happy about being part of this awesome Bootcamp.

Divya Gaddameedi

I would glad to be part of the 4 week Bootcamp Associated with ATOM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS. I am very excited to build many more projects like this. Thank you for this wonderful Bootcamp and excellent mentorship by Pramodh Kumar Kamichetty Sir.

Shiva Nagendar

I have successfully completed all 4 projects in my Bootcamp. Thanks to Pramodh Kumar Kamichetty sir for helping us with his lectures and making us learn new technology.

Akhil Bhargav

As a participant of this Bootcamp, I gained both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of interesting concepts in my IoT projects. Pramodh Kumar sir was very patient, understanding, and highly skilled. I would highly recommend this 4 week IoT Bootcamp to anyone wanting to expand knowledge about this future technology called IoT. This Bootcamp is a fantastic program that truly changed my career trajectory for the better.

Parth Singhania

It was my immense luck and fortune to be part of ATOM IoT Bootcamp where I can grow my skills. Pramodh Kumar sir leaves no stone unturned to make students learn IoT in a simple and effective way.

Viren Pandey

Atom software solutions has provided me a very enhanced and efficient platform for exposure and the training of IoT. I am very thankful to Pramodh Kumar sir for his fantastic way of teaching IoT.

Arun Shanmugam

I have learned from the basics of IoT to building projects on my own with the help of a distinguished trainer, K. Pramodh Kumar Sir. The teaching style was very much impressive and the material given was easy to understand. I thank ATOM Software Solutions for providing me a great opportunity.

Nagaraj Hegde

I would like to appreciate the efforts of ATOM Software Solutions in creating community IoT professionals. Pramodh Kumar sir was very good at teaching IoT concepts. The Bootcamp helped me to enhance my technical skills. I loved my IoT Bootcamp experience with Atom & Pramodh Sir.

Shubham Mukherjee

With the help of ATOM Software Solutions & Sir Pramodh Kumar Kamichetty. Bootcamp I have experienced a wonderful time and learned the basic things to do an IoT project.

Tulika Panjal

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